Acutherm Therma-Fuser - TFHC12 - 12"

Acutherm Therma-Fuser - TFHC12 - 12"


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Special Features:

  • Stand Alone VAV Diffuser
  • Four blade dampers provide superior air distribution and quieter operation
  • Limited Heat and No Heat Options
  • Individually adjustable cooling and heating set points
  • 10 year warranty

Model TF Therma-Fuser™ diffusers are 24in / 600mm square ceiling VAV diffusers with built-in temperature controls for VAV cooling and VAV heating. Four blade dampers move up to close and down to open, metering air flow (warm or cool) into the room in response to room temperature. The dampers are mechanically positioned by a thermostat / actuator which is both a room thermostat and damper motor. Room air is positively induced over the thermostat / actuator for an accurate measurement of room temperature in both cooling and heating.

The thermostat / actuator is not electric nor pneumatic. It is a large brass cylinder containing a petroleum-based wax. The wax melts and expands when heated, pushing the piston outward. A spring pulls the piston inward when the wax cools.


  • Separate temperature set points for VAV heating and VAV cooling
  • Superior air distribution – longer throws, no dumping, more entrainment, even temperature distribution, and better room air change effectiveness
  • Lowest cost per zone of control
  • Lowest energy VAV terminal – green VAV
  • Low to no maintenance – 10 year warranty
  • Easily adapts to office changes


  • Actual Size: 23.75×23.75in / 603x603mm (595mm available)
  • Shape: Square
  • Damper Type: Blade
  • Type:
    • HC: VAV Heating and VAV Cooling
    • CW: VAV Cooling and Warm Up (CV Heating)
    • C: VAV Cooling only
    • D: Diffuser (Manually Adjustable)
    • RA: Return Air
  • Nominal Neck Size:
    • 6in / 150mm
    • 8in / 200mm
    • 10in / 250mm
    • 12in / 300mm
  • Pressure Ranges: 0.05 to 0.25 in wg (12 to 62 Pa)
  • Air Volumes: 100 to 720 CFM (45 to 340 l/s)
  • Throw: 6/4/3 to 17/14/12 ft (1.7/1.2/0.9 to 5.1/4.2/3.6 m)
  • Noise: 15 to 34 NC


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